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Frequently asked questions

Does your store buy books?

As a general rule our store works in trade. There are exceptions if your books are in high demand. Exceptions change CONSTANTLY and you can request our current list at any time! If your books are part of these exceptions, the store will pay up to 10% of the original retail in cash, dependent on condition of the book.

What if my books won't be bought for cash?

Then you get more books! Yay! Books that are not eligible for cash will be taken in for book credit. The amount of credit each book garners will depend on its original publication date and condition - newer books will generally earn more credit than older books. Your credit never expires and can be used on EVERYTHING IN THE STORE!

How do I use my credit account?

Your book credit applies like a discount, though on a sliding scale to what you are purchasing: New books in stock or gift items get 10% off Special Order used items 10% off New Release Books 50% off Bestseller used books 50% off Sellable used books 50% off General fiction 100% covered Bargain books 100% covered Credit applies on anything ordered from our store - orders placed on Bookshop, Biblio, or other affiliates are not eligible for use of credit. All of these discounts apply until your discount dollar amount is completely used up. At that point, all items are priced as marked until your next top up of book credit.

Do you take books for donation?

Absolutely! You can apply book credit to another account if you prefer not to have your own. We ask that you consider donating that credit to an area school or literacy-focused foundation to help educators pass on great books to new readers! There are restrictions to what we are able to accept. 1. Books MUST be free of mold or other damaging agents from long storage in damp areas. If mold is discovered, you will be immediately notified and all books in the box or bag will be disposed of. 2. Books must be legible and legal for sale (no Advanced Reading Copy editions or missing covers) 3. Books must be in sellable condition - no loose pages, no redacting, free from excessive stickering or notating. The Bluestocking Bookshop reserves the right to refuse to take books that do not meet these guidelines.

I don't have books to bring in; can I still earn book credit?

YES! We love to reward reading, so we have a few ways that you can earn store credit without parting with your beloved books! 1. Review a recent read. Fill out our book review form here: https://forms.gle/thWmF7Ckh7mcCGW98 . If we use your entry on websites or social media, you'll be awarded $3.00 to your credit account! 2. Refer a friend. When you stop by, grab a business card. Put your name on it and pass it to a friend. When your friend comes in, starts an account, and turns the card in, you'll BOTH get credit for future books! 3. READ! This one's for the kids all year long. Grab a reading calendar from us or the one you use at school, and for every week you complete your planned reading goals, we'll put $1.00 of book credit on your family credit account! That's $52 for books in a year!

How do you price your books?

Books are priced according to age, condition, and popularity. New books that are newly released are marked 10% off. This includes any preorders you may establish with us! New copies of books that are not new releases will be marked 50% off original retail, as are new release used copies. Bestsellers are marked at 40% of retail and older titles are marked 70-95% off. Most of our store is priced below $2.00 per book!

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