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Summer Reading Swap

Levitating Books

In a Reading Swap like ours, you get to have a book discussion with people you've never met!


When you sign-up, you'll choose your theme from our available options . We will match you with a group of four. Each of you will dropoff a book you have read in that subject and in a round-robin style, you'll get to pick up and read each other book from your group. These books might all be different genres, fiction or non, but will all deal in a central theme!


In each one, you get to annotate the books as you read, leaving your thoughts right on the page. You can use pen or put your notes on Post-Its, but we want to share our opinions!


At the end of our exchange, you'll get the book you dropped off back, but with the notes of three other people in your copy, which you can then read and treasure!

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