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Who We Are

“In mid-18th century England, a group of ladies decided to replace evenings of card playing and idle chatter with "conversation parties," inviting illustrious men of letters to discuss literary and intellectual topics with them. One regular guest was scholar-botanist Benjamin Stillingfleet. His hostesses willingly overlooked his cheap blue worsted stockings (a type disdained by the elite) in order to have the benefit of his lively conversation. Those who considered it inappropriate for women to aspire to learning derisively called the group the "Blue Stocking Society." The women who were the original bluestockings rose above the attempted put-down and adopted the epithet as a name for members of their society.”

-- from Merriam-Webster

These days a “bluestocking” is defined as a literary and intelligent woman. While I whole-heartedly support the female solidarity, I know it’s important for our society to be literary and intelligent people. When a life-long book nerd discovered she was also a bluestocking, it only seemed obvious to create a bookshop.

The Bluestocking Bookshop is a locally owned independent bookshop that exists to provide high-quality pre-loved, new, and bargain books and gifts at affordable prices so all of our community can be literary and intelligent people. We encourage healthy debate and discussion, supported by the education acquired through reading of all styles, genres, and subjects. We endeavor to reduce the environmental footprint of the publishing industry by giving new life to the books that enter our store. We actively support locally-owned businesses and love to feature our local authors and creators. We are committed to the belief that everyone is a reader if they find the right book, and we can help that happen.


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